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“What Do You Think, Utah?” is a new series of live discussion programs to be moderated by Bill Allred of The Radio From Hell Show on X96, which will take place 50 West Club & Cafe, located at 50 West Broadway in downtown Salt Lake City.

Each episode of “What Do You Think, Utah?” will be presented in front of a live audience, streamed live on this website. The audio and video from each episode will be available for download the next day.
During these discussions, we promise that we won’t suck up to politicians. We won’t suck up to big business.

  • We won’t suck up to the left or to the right.
  • We won’t suck up to anybody.
  • We promise to question everything.
  • And we promise to let you ask the questions you want to ask of the people who make decisions that affect your life.

For more information regarding “What Do You Think, Utah?” please contact Dylan Allred, [email protected], 801-695-2468.

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Special thanks to our friends at The Utah Foundation for their help and support!

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