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Greg Hughes


Utah Speaker of the House, Greg Hughes, resides in Draper, Utah with his wife Krista and their three children. After a childhood in Pittsburg, PA, he moved to Utah to work on a political campaign and ended up staying. He attended Utah Valley State College and Brigham Young University.

He is a small business owner, working in real estate development and property management.

Hughes was first elected to the Utah Legislature in 2002. In 2010 he was elected Majority Whip in House Leadership and in 2014 was elected Speaker of the Utah House.

During his time in the legislature, he supported state spending limitations, a flatter state tax, truth in bonding legislation and other tax and spending reforms.

Speaker Hughes has worked extensively on issues that would help attract business and increase job availability for the citizens of Utah through tax reforms and incentives.

He has consistently run bills that show his support for our military and veterans. He sponsored a Purple Heart tuition waiver for our injured vets and participated in the negotiations that allowed Utah to maximize federal money in a unique way, and led to the building of three new veterans nursing homes that were desperately needed within the state.

Outside of his Legislative service, Hughes is active in the community, having served in positions on the boards of Summit Academy Charter School and United Way of Salt Lake, as well as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Utah Transit Authority. During his time at UTA he championed alternative fuel sources and technological innovation.

On weekends, you may find him enthusiastically coaching from the sidelines of a Little League football game or cheering for his daughter on the Corner Canyon High School soccer team.


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