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Halloween: Trick? or Treat?


Halloween is growing in popularity, not only in America, but around the world. Americans alone spend over 7 billion dollars on this holiday. Here in the Beehive State, Halloween seems extraordinarily popular. That’s why this month on What Do You Think, Utah? we are asking, Halloween: Trick? or Treat?

Does halloween glorify the devil? Is it an excuse for  normally nice and modest girls, girls who would never think of wearing revealing clothing, to dress like  ‘sluts’? And does it give license to young boys to run wild committing illegal and outrageous pranks?  How should Mormons, or any decent, God-fearing Christians for that matter, celebrate Halloween? And, how do Wiccans, or witches if you will, (and yes there really are witches) celebrate Halloween?

Our guests will be one of the pioneers of the haunted house industry in America;  the former owner of Rocky Point Haunted House, Cydney Neil.

And, a woman who is both Assistant Director of the famed Sunstone Foundation and a blogger for Feminist Mormon  Lindsay Hansen-Park

Also joining the discussion TaMara Gold, practicing witch, co-owner of Crones Hollow and The Pagan Community Center.

And, to round it all out with his observations on Halloween, stand up comedian and podcaster Jay Whittaker.

Join What Do You Think, Utah? for a look at Halloween and the different ways it is celebrated on Wednesday, October 28th, at the 50 West Club and Cafe. The doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Come to the show. Join the conversation, ask questions, give your opinion, let your voice be heard! “What Do You Think, Utah?  For more, visit



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