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Hate Crimes

SB 107, as introduced in this session at the Utah state legislature, attempts to clarify and strengthen Utah’s current laws regarding hate crimes.

Some, Governor Herbert among them, believe that hate crimes laws aren’t necessary and that a crime is a crime whether or not it is motivated by hate. “If I kill you, you’re just as dead whether I hated you or I love you and killed you,” the Governor said.  “I don’t understand how that works.”On the other side some say hate crimes…crimes committed against a person because of ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation…are different because they target not just the victim, but the group that person represents.

Join “What Do You Think, Utah?” beginning at 7:00pm on Wednesday, February 24th, at The Club at 50 West. Admission is FREE and food and drink will be available for purchase. The topic up for discussion is hate crimes. Do we need new legislation?

Our panelists include:

 Troy Williams                                            Sen. Steve Urquhart

Troy                                    URQUHSH

Exec. Director of Equality Utah                  UT State Senator 

Dr. Forrest Crawford                               Ilana Schwartzman

Forrest Crawford 09-L                                     rilanaport.s600x600

Civic Leader and Educator                         Rabbi Congregation Kol Ami

As always, audience participation will be a HUGE part of this event, so please join in the conversation, ask questions, give your opinion, let your voice be heard!

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