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Todd Weiler


Todd Weiler was born in Georgia, raised in the Chicago suburbs and lived in Germany for two years.  He married Elizabeth Gordon in 1991 and they have 4 children. He has a business and a law degree from BYU, having graduated cum laude in 1996 from the J. Reuben Clark Law School where he served on law review. Todd litigated with downtown firms for 15 years, most recently with Dorsey & Whitney.  In 2011, Todd went in-house with Logistic Specialties.  He currently serves as LSI’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Before joining the Utah Senate in 2012, Todd served on a city council, and was chair of his local chamber of commerce and county political party. Todd chairs the Retirement standing and appropriation committees, the confirmation committee and the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement interim committee.  He is also the vice chair of Senate Rules. Additionally, he sits on the Business and Labor and Judiciary standing committees, and on the Health and Human Services appropriation committee.

Join Senator Weiler and our other guests for our discussion “Who Will Stop Porn-a-Geddon” on Wednesday, July 27th at The Club at 50 West.


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