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Ed Blake

Headshot2As an Executive Vice President of a $28 billion national company Ed Blake learned the essential skills for project management. After 19 years he left the corporate world in search of less travel in an effort to spend more time with his family. He started several local real estate companies including a real estate brokerage, Mortgage Company, and a national real estate asset management company. In June of 2011 he accepted the full time position of Executive Director with Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity.

In 2001 he was introduced to Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity and has been involved in the organization since. First as a volunteer providing real estate consulting for acquisition of land, and then was recruited to Board of Directors and became the Board President in 2009.

It was during his tenure as Board President that he led a team that opened a 30,000 square foot home improvement thrift store called the Habitat for Humanity ReStore located on 1300 South and 500 West in Salt Lake City. The success of the store has provided the affiliate with the ability to expand programs for the Habitat for Humanity home building program which aims to stamp out poverty housing conditions and seeks to build affordable homes for working families. The building program has changed the lives of 350 people in Salt Lake County for the better and built 95 homes to date. The ReStore also aligns perfectly with a core value he has to foster sustainability by recycling and repurposing building materials. The Salt Lake County landfills are smaller because of it.

In June of 2011 he accepted the full time position of Executive Director and has expanded the building program and instituted a new program in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity International called Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) which responds to the local community aspirations with an expanded array of services designed revive declining neighborhoods.

In July of 2012 Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity will partner with local hospitals and Salt Lake County to provide critical care remediation in homes that are deemed unsafe for residents. The program is designed to reduce emergency room visits for ailments like asthma, eliminate lead poisoning etc. and services families that lack the financial resources to stop the cycle of emergency medical care that originates from their home.

He has been a strong advocate for affordable housing and has carried his message to Washington DC, local municipalities and the private sector for over 10 years.

Edward resides in Salt Lake City with his wife Linda; they have four grown children and four grandchildren. He became published author on Arctic Wolves while attending Utah State University— which provided the life skills needed to manage real estate agents later in life.

Join Ed and our other guests at 7:00pm on Wednesday, December 16th, at The Club at 50 West.

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