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Homeless in Salt Lake

If you ever go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, if you stay there long enough, you’ll see a homeless person standing in the middle of their nice, beautiful square, holding out a cup for change. And the Mormons don’t ever ask him to leave.”

Trey Parker  Creator of South Park & The Book of Mormon Musical

The problem of homelessness in Salt Lake has gotten a lot more attention recently.   The area of town where homeless adults and families gather for services (around Pioneer Park and The Gateway Shopping Mall) is becoming gentrified with more business and housing. As the money moves into the area, there are those who would move the homeless out. But where should they go? Services for homeless adults and families already exist in the area and moving the homeless population away from those services is problematic at best. And besides….moving the problem does only that; it moves it without fixing it.

Join us on Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00pm at The Club at 50 West for a panel discussion about homelessness and what is being done to help people. Our guest will be:

Come on down, be a part of the conversation, ask questions, give your opinion, let your voice be heard! “What Do You Think, Utah?  For more, visit


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