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The First Show: “The Air We Breathe”

Panoramic Scenic Landscape Salt Lake City Utah Downtown Wasatch

Join us for our first show, “The Air We Breathe” on April 22nd. It’s about the Air We Breathe in Salt Lake City and feature former Salt Lake City mayor, and director of UCAIR Ted Wilson. The Executive Director of Breathe Utah, Rachel Otto. Political consultant, Dave Owen. And, Attorney, Bruce Baird.

A buffet will be provided for $10 from 6p to 7p and the full 50 West menu will be available to order from during the show. Drinks are available at an additional cost.

The discussion and audience questions will run from 7pm to 8pm.

For more information regarding “What Do You Think, Utah?” or more details about this event please contact Dylan Allred, [email protected]



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